Our Witches

Dice Artisan
Hannah Kathline (They/Them) 
hails from the humble village of Nashville, Tennessee. They are a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts in Theatre. Now they are making dice. And they're pretty damn good at it!

Business and Branding Guru
Riley Gene (They/Them) 
can often be found wearing the mask of many faces both in the business and in their many other lives. Born a wizard, but quickly multi-classed into rogue to escape the clutches of rural Oregon life, Riley now spends their days packing dice, making graphics, and other business related dice nonsense. 

Master Artificer
Anna Mulia (She/Her)
fights evil by moonlight and makes dice paraphernalia by daylight. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, she's developed a predilection towards all things crafty, witchy and otherwise. Catch her *really utilizing that fellow theatre training* to now work hard with her two good friends to make your wildest D&D-related dreams come true.

"Beauty is in the die of the beholder"

The All Seeing Die LLC is a handcrafted, epoxy resin dice and D&D paraphernalia company based in Seattle, Washington. D&D and Tabletop RPGS have always been passions of us and with the COVID-19 pandemic and suddenly no theatre happening - DICE. We take our time to ensure Dwarven Tier dice ready in our shop and ask for your patience during the times of re-stocking and filling out commission orders.

We cannot wait to do business with you!